VERTUAL is an innovative startup which focuses on creating new digital retail platforms that build the bridge to the Metaverse, a gateway between the real and the virtual reality.

We design bespoke interactive and gaming platforms, regardless of the constraints and limitations of reality to create engaging and compelling shopping experiences that drive customer interaction and enhance conversion rate.

We merge physical and virtual capabilities to create memorable brand experiences, transforming the Internet browsing beyond flat screens and customer experience to a totally new frontier of storytelling — “the evolution from ‘storytelling’ to ‘story-living”.

Our immersive digital worlds are accessible on the web with fully tailored experiences, entertainment, branding, gaming and purchasing opportunities all in one place.

We transform ordinary websites, apps and social medias into virtual boutiques, showrooms, pop-up stores and imaginary worlds.

Our cloud-based platform integrates with an existing e-commerce to extend the product catalog into a memorable shopping experience, which can be easily embedded in a website and is fully optimized for desktop, mobile and VR headsets.